T-Mobile Could Finally Beat Verizon this Time!

T-Mobile Could Finally Beat Verizon this Time!

T-Mobile spent $8 Billion this April on new low band spectrums so that they can improve their wireless network, and that network is now officially online. Cheyenne, Wyoming, a cluster site for the company, is the first place in the entire country that was given access to T-Mobile’s 600 MHz network which is LTE.

The CTO of T-Mobile, Neville Ray said that this rollout is a massive milestone for the company and it would close up the coverage gap that T-Mobile has with Verizon.

This is a huge step for T-Mobile as new spectrum generally takes many years to roll out. The FCC grants licenses in June, but for T-Mobile, this time the network is online by August, which makes it much faster than what anyone expected.

Wyoming is just the start of many more to come by the end of 2017. The plan is to build coverage to sites in Eastern Washington, Central Virginia, Central Pennsylvania, Coastal North Carolina, Maine, Western North Dakota, Oklahoma Panhandle, Southwest Kansas, West Texas, Northwest Oregon and Wyoming.

600MHz spectrum is really challenging as TV stations use this spectrum currently. But the stations are moving to different frequencies now and T-Mobile is pulling money out of their own reserves to make this a faster shift for iPhone users.

Although there are currently no phones that support 600MHz LTE network, by the end of the year, LG and Samsung would have phones that support this spectrum. By 2018, almost all mobile devices would start supporting this spectrum, according to Ray.

Soon T-Mobile would become the largest network of United States.

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